Topographic Surveys: These surveys depict the relative contours of a given interval on the ground. These contours are interpolated from 3 dimensional points on the ground. Proper techniques must be used to produce an accurate survey. Our staff has extensive experience performing topographic surveys for our diverse clients. 

Horizontal and Vertical Control: Sometimes engineers and builders need the assistance of a surveyor to establish accurate project control. We have performed control surveys that are customized to the needs and tolerances of that specific project. 

Tree Surveys: Tree surveys involve locating trees, measuring the diameter of the tree, and defining the drip line (edge of canopy). Tree surveys are typically requested when planning for future urban development and performed in conjunction with a topographic survey. 

Elevation Certificates: Elevation certificates are required to purchase flood insurance for residential and commercial properties. 

Base Flood Elevation Staking: Sometimes when preparing to build on a piece of property in a low area, the Base Flood Elevation (BEF) must be staked to ensure that the proposed building will be above the BFE.

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