Mason | Bertram

Oil and Gas Surveys: Many of the surveys provided to oil and gas clients involve ordinary boundary surveys, but others are specific to the industry. These include oil and gas well location permit plats for the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), well staking, mineral lease and unit surveys, and special plats and exhibits for federal and municipal regulatory compliance. Our surveyors have progressive oil and gas surveying experience. 

Wind Farm Surveys: Wind farm surveys require either an ALTA or a Category 1A survey be produced for risk assessment and management by the lenders, title company, and investors. In addition, the project involves construction staking for structures, collection lines, and roads. We have surveyed many wind farms over the past decade.


Route Surveys: Route surveys involve locating boundary and improvements within the proposed right of way. Once the final route is selected, the plats and descriptions are prepared for each parcel. Route surveys are performed for roads and utilities including: pipelines, electric transmission lines, electric service lines, and highways. We have performed route surveys all across Texas for projects spanning dozens of miles to several feet.